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June 5th, 2007, 09:40 AM
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I guess it all boils down to your personal comfort level--the farther the midwife is, the more comfortable you should be with the possibility of her not making it in time. My mw was a little over an hr. To be honest, I fantasized about having an UC, but the midwife made it in plenty of time even with my fast labor. I do wonder if she will make it in time for my second baby since those usually come faster. I guess I'm fine with it either way.

Our mw left her doppler, a case of supplies, and oxygen tank at our house a couple wks before my due date. If you mw does this, it may help your dh feel better about it. My water broke and had quite a bit of meconium in it, but we were able to check the hb with the doppler so knew that the baby wasn't in distress.
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