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June 5th, 2007, 04:43 PM
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Thanks, Ladies. I am not in anyway upset if he talks to an ex, heck we have one of them that live 7doors down from us, he works with another ones Mom and we see her all the time. What I AM upset about is him keeping this from me! Usually he will tell me "I saw so and so or talked to so and so the other day" Why wouldn't he tell me anything about her and him sending her comments, messages or whatever and this has obviously been going on now for MONTHS.

I am just really hurt that he couldn't tell me that he had her on there or that he's been communicating with her! I know for a fact from before that she kept up on his life and the last time we saw her or at least last time I saw her was when I was pregnant with Aiden and we were at her cousins wedding she followed him around like a puppy dog!!![/b]
I understand, it sucks when you are very truthful with each other, I hope everything works out for you. Just hold in there it might be what it seems.

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