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June 5th, 2007, 06:13 PM
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For me, two hours is the farthest I'll travel for a birth, and I do have some anxiety about missing the births that are that far away. I also have anxiety about traveling that far for prelabor contractions, too, though! But really, if your labor is so fast that the midwife who is 2 hours away misses it, it's quite possible that a midwife across town might miss it. I know for my clients who are father away, I'm more on edge and have childcare plans in effect all the time, and don't drive much further away from them, wheras when I have a client right across town, I might drive to the next town over (with my kids) and consequently have to drive 45 minutes back, drop them at the sitter, go get my bag, and take nearly 2 hours to get to her house in any case. I do say in my information that because I have young kids, it takes me about an hour from the time I'm called to the time I can get ON THE ROAD to your house, no matter where you live. You might ask your midwife about that, as if she's in a situation where she can grab her bag and leave in 5 minutes for every client, a midwife who is father away might take the same amount of time to get to your house. I feel like this is getting complicated, so I'm gonna stop.

The point is there are all sorts of factors besides distance and driving time in the "how long till the midwife gets here" equation, so be sure to investigate them all.
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