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June 5th, 2007, 08:51 PM
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I agree... I'd totally just ask him about it and see how he replies... sometimes they honestly don't have a clue... they are being totally innocent and just replying or whatever... DH used to get very upset when I'd email with my ex... so I eventually decided it wasn't worth it and stopped... I had NOTHING to hide about it and that is the only way he knew about it... I'd leave (and still do) my email wide open on my computer and at any time he wants to see anything... all he has to do is look. Tell him you will feel better if you are in agreement that there are no passwords etc. (all mine are saved in my computer so they automatically fill in... no hiding anything... no guessing...) It's only fair.
If he gets upset or refuses to share things... THEN it's time to start looking into it further... until then... pick your battles... and give him the benefit of the doubt... MEN ARE DUMB!!! (Or if he is like my DH... he may HONESTLY THINK HE TOLD YOU... or that you know... and you didn't hear him or haven't been paying that close attention.)
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