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June 6th, 2007, 12:09 PM
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Hi Everyone - I lurk here every so often due to having a high risk pregnancy and being 39 years old! Well i had my first consult with the High risk group today and found out about two procedures they didn't have when I was pregnant last time (8 years ago) so I thought I would share....

I have had pre-term labor at 30 weeks with both of my children. In the past the protocol was Bedrest and Trabutaline to stop the contractions. Well now apparently they have case studies where they gave women progesterone injections from 16 weeks to 36 weeks and it has cut the rate of pre-term labor by 50%. I have been on prometrium pills (progesterone supplements) since I first tested BFP which I just stopped this week (12 weeks). Early in preg it helps the lining sustain the early pregnancy ... So now I ask how does the projecterone injections help to fight off pre-term labor? The Dr said the Projecterone has a relaxing effect on the uterine wall so it does not start to have early contractions, thus making you efface and dilate too early to stop the baby from coming. Why it has to be the injections rather then the pills I'm not clear on - it probably has to do with the absorption of the hormone. The injections are once a week in the butt from 16 weeks going forward. So just when I think I get to decrease my meds I get to have shots instead (but anything to keep the babe happy and in utuero - right

The other thing I found out about was the Triple and Quad screening (screeens for Downs and Trisonomy defects). We declined both due to the fact that we would not terminate if something like this were to happen and the risk of miscarriage is still present in the Amnio. They have a new screen which is called the Ultra-screen and it combines a level II sonogram to check the Nucal Fold (fluid behind the neck) and then a blood screening which can id up to 91% of Downs cases and 93% of Trisonomy cases. They also say that screening has less than 5% false positive rate (false positive are high in the Triple screen and Quad screen). I still declined the blood work since it is a screening and not a definative answer to genetic problems but we went ahead with the Nucal Fold Test for some peace of mind....I believe the Nucal fold should measure less than 3 and ours was 1.3.

So new medicine offers new hope ! Hope this helps someone else too!
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