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June 10th, 2007, 06:21 AM
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I'm not an expert, but I believe the main things that require transport to the hospital are hemmorage and resucitation of the baby. Also, cord prolapse, though that is quite rare. One midwife gave me her birth stats and of 335 births she had one of each of these that had to be transported. Other things you would know about ahead of time. For example, a breech at home cold be risky and if it doesn't go well might need to be transported, but you would know that ahead of time. At 45 minutes I probably just wouldn't attempt that at home!

I'm 20 minutes fromt he hospital and that was worrying me, makes me feel like it isn't so bad with you at 45! But, like i said these things are very rare. You midwife will probably have IV supplies, stuff for resucitation, etc. Talk to her abut it and see if she is prepared for these possibilities.

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