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June 11th, 2007, 09:59 PM
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Ok, today I was feeling alot of pressure it felt like I was walking
with a basketball held between my legs, and mild contractions that
were turning into to stronger ones 10 mins apart.

So I called the doctors, he said to come in to the office to be

Well My experince was not so comfortable.

I have been feeling a little like maybe my water might be leaking a
little. So he decided to do this test with a long cue tip if it turns
blue then yes if green no.

He inserted a speculim , By the way I have never heard of any doctor
inserting a speculim this far in your pregnancy term.( ALSO, he has
done this test before and never used a speculim) When he went to
insert it he asked me to cough , I coughed once and it felt like he
was hitting something, then he asked me again, It was so painful. He
did the swab and it was green.

then he went to check me after wards, Now the last couple of times I
have been checked it was by the nurses at the hospital or the nurse
practioner at the office, they usally did this cuping type of thing
to go around the babys head. INSTEAD , It felt like he shoved his
fist in and out just like that , I mean it was quick, real quick! and
said your 2cms. and very thin.

I screamed it hurt so bad. By this time I am now in beyond pain it
felt like fingernails have just been scrathed inside of me.

I got home around 6 pm, I no longer feel any pressure from her head
down there like it has been for the last couple of weeks. I now have
constant back ache , But no pressure at all. No more contractions at
all. This is odd because I usally have the constant pressure of her
head down. It was almost like the things he did lifted her back up.
Is that possible??

You think this is common in a doctor to check you like this or
to do any routine checking like this??

I am nervous if he may of hurt the baby with the way he was.
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