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June 12th, 2007, 06:49 AM
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I'm sorry the creams aren't working!!! We've had our shre of disappointments when it comes to trying out creams. One time we spent about $50 on a teeny tiny tube that a doc at the U. of San Francisco told us to get and it made absolutely no difference what-so-ever.

I've always found that less is better for us. I'm always tempted to use more creams (layering them), somehow thinking that the more cream we use, the more moisturized she'll be...but that doesn't work lol One layer of Aquaphor works a lot better than 3 layers of fancy creams!

Have you tried a product called Baby Eczema Cream? lol I bought it at Walgreens when we were living in Texas, it comes in a green tube (sort of looks like the tube for those Johnson Gentle Naturals creams). That worked really well for Julia's itching, especially on her legs. I'd lay her down in front of the TV and just massage the cream into her legs for awhile.
I predict a riot.
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