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June 13th, 2007, 12:27 PM
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The Williams Family

DH: John Michael *47*
DW: Liesel Imogen Sarah *45*
DD: Anneliese Tabitha *18*
DD: Nora Bella *15*
DD: Calista Rose *14*
John & Liesel and their kids: Anneliese, Nora, and Calista.

The Taylor Family
DH: Hayden Carter*34*
DW: Faith Jane *31*
DS: Oliver Michael *9*
DD/DD: Anneliese Kate/Rachel Danielle *7*
DS: James Henry *3*
DD: Grace Nora *1*
Hayden & Faith and their kids: Oliver, Twins Anneliese & Rachel, James, & Gracie.

The James Family
DH: Caleb Callum *62*
DW: Allison Hazel *58*
DD: Molly Bella *27*
~MB's DD: Zoe Nora *5*
DS: Everett Caleb *22*
DS: Liam Frederick *20*
Caleb & Allison and their daughter Molly(and her daughter Zoe), and sons Everett & Liam.

The Miller Family
DH: Scott Benjamin *29*
DW: Lauren Molly *28*
DS: Sean Aaron *10*
DS/DD: Spencer Liam/Scarlett Molly *7*
DS: Samuel Benjamin *4*
DD: Sarah Grace *2*
DS: Seamus Patrick *newborn*
Scott & Lauren and their kids: Sean, Twins Spencer & Scarlett, Sarah, and Seamus.
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