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August 24th, 2005, 12:13 PM
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I like different names, that make the kid unique. I was one of 2 with my name (its not Zoey), in my school and I loved it. When someone talked about me, they knew who they were talking about. And everyone loved my name. Many people named their kids my name after they heard it.

I am 100% about having something unique and different.
Brians, Davids, Toms etc. Think of how many people you know with those names? I know a ton. At my old job our department of 20 people had 3 Davids. How would you like to be one of three with the same name? When people would call and ask for David, "which one?"... Doesn't set you apart. My sister dated two guys with the same name, so Id ask "Hows Andy" And she'd say "which one?".

I love unique different names, and yours are GREAT!
Go with them!
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