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June 13th, 2007, 08:20 PM
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name - Faith
child's name and age- Miracle 7 months
sibling's name(s) and age(s)- Roland 11 yrs.
significant other's name - George
where do you live? - Upstate New York
what is your favorite:
beverage - diet pepsi
food - peaches and peanut butter
junk food - 3 musketeer candybars
song -Amazed by Lonestar and Lord, I lift your name on high
TV show -House
movie - The Sound of Music
how do you like to relax? - a nice long nap
how many children do you want? - either 3 or 4
do you like sports? - some
if so, what sports and teams? -football NY Jets -Nascar Matt Kenseth
what is your dream job? -I love my job but I would love even more to be a SAHM
what is your guilty pleasure? - Arby's Ham and cheese sandwiches
are you a morning person or a night owl? - used to be a night owl now Miracle insists on me being a morning person
do you drink enough water? -not unless you count that most things that I drink contain water (diet pepsi has carbonated water, coffee is made from water, you mix juice consentrate with water to make it, etc.)
would you do high school over again? -no way!!!!
What item that you donít currently possess would you most like to have in your home? -a new ceiling leaked last week and ruined our bed. we are waiting for the landlord to get ahold of us about it.
tell us something about yourself not on this list - I like to crochet. while I was on bedrest last sept. I crocheted my ds and dh both a blanket.
My children-Sarah 10/21/08, Miracle 10/18/06, Roland 10/21/95 and 5 angel babies 8/26/05, baby boy 6/3/07, 10/31/09, 2/3/11 and 12/12/11

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