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June 16th, 2007, 08:36 AM
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I think everything mentioned here is valid. I've had both attitudes: the "I'll know if i need one" and the "I can't have this baby until/unless I have a sono and know everything's okay." I'll say that the second attitude robbed me of a lot of joy in my pregnancy with Atley. I was so freakin' worried, and not for any good reason.

I have had a client where a pretty significant issue (and a valid reason for a c-section!) was missed. She labored at home until 7 cm and then stalled there for 6 hours or so. Her baby had some positional issues with heart rate, meaning that when mom was in certain positions, baby didn't react well. Usually this means a cord issue (like being compressed by the baby's shoulders or something). Eventually, it was time for some help (pain relief, pitocin, SOMETHING), so we went in and she opted for an epidural, which put her in one of the "bad positions" and she ended up with a c-section for fetal distress. There was a cord complication that could have resulted in the baby's death if she had been born vaginally. And the sonogram she had in her pregnancy TOTALLY MISSED it. But her body knew what her baby needed and she had a fear that baby would not be okay if born at home, that she just couldn't work through, and that's eventually why we went to the hospital.

So I can see it both ways. I trust that women's bodies are amazing and even at the last minute, we'll know if something in our birth plans needs to change to keep our baby safe. I also understand wanting a sonogram to eliminate worries, but I think it's important to know that sonograms are not 100% right, whether they diagnose good or bad news.
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