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June 16th, 2007, 08:58 AM
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Not like he has to say it's ok because I need his permission or anything, but because we're a team. I couldn't embark on a huge undertaking like a homebirth with HIS child without his support. If I was going to just go ahead with it no matter what because it's "my body", then technically I wouldn't be able to finance it because he could use the same argument to say that it's "his money." LOL

We belong to eachother, so it isn't just "my body"'s "our body." Same with him (which is why he doesn't just go out getting new tattoos or something without my approval). In the same breath, because we're a team he was very respectful about considering homebirth even though he didn't like the idea at first. He realized it was important to me and was willing to try to understand why I wanted it so much. The only reason he was reluctant was because he's such a good husband and father, he was afraid it would not be safe and one of us would get hurt. I can't fault him for caring about us so much. We met with the midwife before making our final decision, and he was able to ask her about all the worst case scenerios running through his mind, and she shared exactly how she would deal with each one. She was also very clear about the fact that she wouldn't try to be a hero and take on a complication that should be dealt with in a hosptial, she would transfer me the moment she suspected anything was wrong. Then after we had our first homebirth, he became more in favour of homebirth than me! When I was expecting #4 I suggested that it would be ok if we had another hospital birth because cash was tight (we pay out of pocket for homebirth, but hospital birth is covered by health care). He said, "No way! I'm not going to make you go through that again. I'll make it work." And he did.
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