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June 16th, 2007, 08:43 PM
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I've seen this blinkie a few times, and am just wondering if people could elaborate on their thoughts for/against this position.
Is is just supposed to mean that basically men should have no opinion or say on the abortion issue since it doesn't directly affect them and their rights the way it does women?
That's how I understand it, correct me if i'm wrong, maybe I'm completely misunderstanding it.....
I guess if that's what it does insinuate, then my thoughts are that while I can understand the reasoning behind that line of thinking, I totally do not agree with it. Since when are people only allowed to have an opinion on a moral/political/religious issue when it only affects their particular sex/race/culture, etc? I don't know, it just rubs me the wrong way. I don't think we should expect men to look the other way if they're prolife just because they're men. I wouldn't promote people in general turning a blind eye to things going on in the world they strongly disagree with just becuase it doesn't affect them directly, and I think that nothing more than a person's sex/race/religion, etc, is a shallow reason to completely disregard someone's thoughts on an issue.
And anyways, aren't men pretty directly affected sometimes? Women have the right to go have an abortion without the father's consent. IMO the fetus/embryo is every bit as much the father's child as the mother's and I can completely understand, therefore, why some men may feel dismissed and insulted at the insinuation that abortion has nothing to do with them so they should just butt out.
Thoughts, opinions? Just looking for a good healthy debate here.
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