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December 23rd, 2004, 03:42 AM
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I am due on July 18th - my eldest son's seventh birthday. How's that for ending where it all began LOL We found out the gender of our second child at the 12wk scan (they suspected twins but there was only one) - it was really obvious that it was a boy and the 18wk scan confirmed it.

I sick of people who automatically think we are on welfare too. The comment "WOW you must get a packet (lots of money) from the govt" just doesn't ring true here. Dh earns more then the cut off . We sit is that horrid area where we have to pay for everything but don't have enough to be comfortable - like msot people I guess. If I work it all would go in child care fees.

My last pregnancy was complicated by oligiohydramious (low amniotic fliud) and the baby has minor heart problems as a result. They are just monitoring him at the moment. It really isn't anything serious.

I will be glad when I have the scan, no more morning sickness(afternoon or night for that matter) and when dh warms to the idea of having another child in the house. Actually I think I will be happy to see next Christmas and have a 5mth old playign with the Christmas paper and me thinking how on earth coudl I have things any different :-)
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