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June 17th, 2007, 10:01 PM
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that makes me really sad. i met a guy recently whose gf got preggo, he was thrilled.. she had an abortion after she had told them that they would keep the baby and acted excited about it as well. they ended up separating over it cause he was so upset about it. it was so sad. i absolutely believe that the father should have a say in the matter. im ProLife, but if its going to be legal anyways, i just think the father should also have a say in it!![/b]
So do you think a man should be have a say in it if she wants it and he wants her to have an abortion?

I think people can have all the opinions they like. I think the woman should take the mans opinion into consideration but ultimately it is her body.

If it means men should be able to vote on the subject, I guess I agree because I don't think anyone should get a vote. But I don't limit to men.
I think it depends. If the father is present and involved I think he definitely should have a say in the matter. It's HIS baby too.
But I'm not sure if the OP meant this kind of individual cases or rather men havng an opinion on abortion as a subject.

I meant more men having an opinion on abortion as a subject, but I find this digression interesting! It's a tricky area, to be honest, but I can't help but see it as unjust if a father wants to be a father, already IS a father, and the mother can take that away from him because his and her baby is still in her womb. It's kind of fuzzy to me as to where you could legally draw that line, but I just find it sad that a father has zero say in the situation.
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