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August 9th, 2004, 08:34 PM
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oh, oh.... you'll love this idea! (you're son will hate it).....

When I was in CA a couple of weeks ago, the wacko woman that my sister roommates with told me something that one of her previous bosses did. They were quite wealthy, but always made sure that their kids knew the value of their money. They paid them for their chores (significant money in my book, but when you see the rest, you'll know why), but they had to use the money wisely. One time, the daughter (14) blew all of her money and a week later told her dad taht she needed new shoes. He asked her, how much do you have left, she told him NOTHING. He took her to Goodwill to buy shoes. She had to pay him back for those shoes as well as save if she wanted something other than Goodwill shoes.

When it comes to food, school supplies and fees, those are our duty as parents. We however, are not obligated to buy something just because they want it or because it's a certain brand. He wanted to go to his friend's house ... fine... wack the weeds & we'll figure out how much gas money it will take to get you there. I am not obligated to be the taxi.

He really does give you a hard way to go. I personally think that the computer would have been the first thing to go. My 11 year old has about 4 toys in his room. The rest are int he basement and he earns them back on a weekly basis. I imagine by the time taht he earns all of them back, he'll be too old for some of them! (woooooooooh oooooooooooooo I can throw some crap out! lol)

Best Wishes!!!
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