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June 18th, 2007, 09:01 PM
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I find it very hypocritical that women demand paternity tests to get child support, fight to the death to have the fathers involved (at least economically) with the children, but when it comes to choosing abortion they dismiss them as non-existent.[/b]
Me too, but that's another topic!

We have to have our husbands permission to get our tubes tied? I will agree with you that there is a pretty big double standard there.[/b]
I don't know if there's a double standard or not. Does it mean that legally you need your husband's permission? Does he need your permission to get a vasectomy?
I'd never dream of getting a tubal ligation without taking my husband's opinion into account, but I've never heard that he has to legally agree to that. I had the idea that, as an adult, I can have any medical procedure I want without the need of someone esle's permission unless I'm unfit to make such a decision.
Come on Sharon, it's a huge double standard that a doctor won't do permanant sterilization without consent of someone else. That is the essence of my body, my choice.

My blinkie actually refers to a quote from the TV show Friends. In the episode Rachel is pregnant and having Braxton Hicks contractions. She goes to the hospital because the pain freaks her out, and she keeps getting told that these contractions are mild and that most women don't even notice them. In her frustration at men pushing aside her experience, she states "Okay, no uterus, no opinion!" I don't know what the person who made the blinkie had in mind, but since this is a favorite TV show of mine I snagged it because of the Friends reference.[/b]
Well, I kinda understand it now. I once had a blinkie about being a heterosexual that supports homosexual rights.. When I first read your blinkie, because I always debate abortion, I was sensitive to it in that light.
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