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June 19th, 2007, 05:40 PM
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A birthing center is more comparable to a home rather than a hospital as far as equipment and such. My midwife brought drugs for bleeding, oxygen and deep suctioning stuff just in case, etc. to my home. Really, no different from when I had Cameron at a birthing center. The big difference is you have to go somewhere else if you deliver at a birthing center you have to leave your home and go there and there are other people's germs there rather than your own (and in those two ways they are more like a hospital).

BTW, my second was transverse until 38 weeks. He went head down on his own and actually ended up being my best positioned of my three. How many weeks are you? Low-lying placentas are usually not an issue at all since they move up as your uterus expands.

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