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June 20th, 2007, 02:10 PM
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I can very much relate to the part about being crazy for having 4 kids. I went out yesterday with my four and the younger 2 were misbehaving in the cart and I was on them and I was getting this look from these women like I shouldn't even be there, but you know you have to do your shopping when you can. And this was when I could get out to the store, so I was there. Today wasn't much better, but I know for my 2 youngest I believe they are felling the stress of my husband and I with trying to sell our house and we have had a few showings this week and every time we have some showings, those 2 act up. Before we went into the grocery store today I threatened to take away every privilege, toy, anything fun for the rest of the day if they didn't act like they had some manners and some common sense. It seemed to work.
I do hope that things get better for you. My 10 year old doesn't boss anyone around, that would be my 5 year old. :-) I don't know how you can try to resolve that though. I just send my to her room every time if I can. Hope your day improves from here and you have a nice time at the movies.
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