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June 20th, 2007, 04:29 PM
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Heck, and I thought 2 were bad. You ladies with 3+...I don't envy the not so fun times!

Bryce tries to parent Scotty constantly. It is the age difference. It is not really is bossing, tattling, screaming at Scotty, etc. "NO SCOTTY DON'T TOUCH MY PLAY STATION 2 GAMES!!" "NO SCOTTY, YOU ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO GET A POPSICLE BY YOURSELF." Notice the screaming I am doing in this type! It drives me bonkerZ.

This is my biggest issues with homeschooling more than one child. I can see how wonderful it will be with Scotty when Bryce is back in school! Isn't that awful?????? As much as I wish I could homeschool Bryce, I find myself at times thinking "YAY, school starts in just over a month!"

BAD MOMMY! I know......
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