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June 21st, 2007, 06:46 AM
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How supportive are your family and friends of your AI? My dh and My Mom are VERY Mom even more so then my husband. My Dad tries,but he just doesnt seem get it. My In Laws are just stupid,I cant even say anything else about that...

Do you know people that don't understand and just say "get over it"? I have actually had a lady at church tell me "Oh MS isnt THAT bad" I was like OK...lets trade then! After I said that she ate her words and corrected herself saying it isnt AS bad as it used to be. Yes,thats correct...but I am only 27 and it is known that everyone reaches that progressive stage eventually. I havent actually had anyone say to my face to get over it...but actions speak louder then words and I have felt those words...kwim?
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