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August 26th, 2005, 01:50 PM
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Okay ladies, I am really stressing and having a horrible time with my Husband constantly marking names off that he doesn't like, even the ones I am not giving up on yet like Kamden and Kelsie. He is being really difficult. He was fine with Kamden until he found out I got it from the Male section, now he doesn't like it. What do you think, I was thinking of a middle name of Reece, Paige, or Jean after my mom.

I don't like to unusual of names but I also don't want to common that they will have 3 in their preschool or classes when they start school etc. I don't want it constantly mis pronounced and spelled. I used Kaleb with my son and its more common than I thought, I also have a problem with people constantly spelling it with a C. Any Ideas?
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