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June 22nd, 2007, 11:19 AM
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So the natural childbirth mommy is waiting for her baby to come. She is a little older, 38 and she is having her fourth child and wants to do it naturally like the other 3. She is going to a midwife who luckily doesn't push for inductions. I was sitting with all of my neighbors and friends and two other pregnant friends before the natural childbirth mom came. They are all up in arms all saying how MAD they are at her doctor. "She is high risk because of being older." and "My doctor said it is much more unhealthy and scary to have a BIG baby than to have a preemie this is for both mom AND baby." What the crap?? Then one girl who was induced at 38 weeks says "I LOVE my doctor he basically INSISTS on mothers getting induced at 39 weeks. Says it is so much safer to be induced and just tells you to pick a day. I would send anyone to him." Then they say "Oh, she is getting so tired. I know she hasn't complained much, but yesterday she said she just wanted to be induced and wanted the epidural. She NEEDS one!" I finally can't take it anymore and speak up. I tell them that inductions are really risky and it bothers me that there are doctors who are pushing for it. It puts stress on the baby and the heart rate bottoms out and you have a higher risk for c-section. And if they are saying a baby is big on the u/s that is bogus because that is usually a couple POUNDS less than what is the actual size of the baby. UGH! They all looked at me like I was an alien! They didn't give one cent for what I said. Then the mommy we are all discussing comes in and says "Oh, I am doing much better today. I have been taking your EPO (that I gave her). I don't want to be induced and I want this baby naturally." This mommy is so amazing and she has only had one melt down that I have seen through all of this. Anyway, so we get on more topics of it all and we are saying how awesome and empowering natural delivery is, how it brings you closer to your spouse, etc. So many moms are like- give me the epi the minute I hit my first contraction. I just want more women to hear the risks of medical intervention AND inductions since that is what EVERYONE around me is all for. Finally another pregnant mom speaks up and says how she would love a home birth. Turns out with her first she got bullied around in the hospital and after over 24 hours of a broken water and being forced into pitocin she was bullied into either getting the epi or having a c-section. She chose the lesser. She is now with her second and going to a midwife. She can't have a home birth because of a genetic birth defect that can be passed to their kids that they have to catch right after birth. I talked to her for a long time about how nice it is to have a knowledge of natural childbirth. She said she is used to being thought of as nuts. At least out of our large community of neighbors and friends there are TWO other natural childbirth mommies. That's two out of so many who are all for unnecessary inductions, interventions, c-sections and epis. I really wish they would come out with that documentary about birth in the US. Open the eyes of some of these women!!

**UPDATE** The mommy had her baby last Saturday!! NO INDUCTION! Her Dh is so funny, he had her skipping backwards two days in a row trying to get labor started. He said it worked. lol She went to 41 weeks and guess what? Her baby boy was 7 lbs 2 oz. He was little! If she had been induced like my neighbor said her doctor demands he would have been only 5 lbs. She is up and about and was so sweet. All of us mommies were together, but because of everyone's reactions last time she pulls me to the side and says "Guess what? I had him in the tub!" She wasn't allowed to and didn't plan on it. She went into labor at 11:00 pm, it took them an HOUR to get her in a room so she walked the halls, she said it was fine, she needed to anyway. Then she got in the water at 12:30 and said it felt SO good! She labored in there until 1:00 am and then told her Dh to call in the nurse, the baby was coming. They freaked out, draining the water, wanting to move her. She said "You can't move me, the babies head is out!" They drain the water after he crowns- and get this, they even accuse her that even though they have a no water birth policy that she planned this all along. Ummm,... do they not know anything? When the baby is crowing, you can't get out! Her water also never broke. He was born in his bag of waters. This is her last one, but she told me "Now I can see why women have them in the water. It was SO wonderful and the burning was so much less." It just really makes me want one now. Hopefully next time I will have insurance that covers a birth center so I can have a water birth. Anyway, just wanted you all to know it all went well. No induction, small baby (big surprise) and healthy and happy natural childbirth.
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