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June 22nd, 2007, 01:41 PM
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Thanks for the replies. Other than the level II u/s we had done a few days ago they said they don't want to see me for another eight weeks to see if any other problems have come up. That just seems so long from now to which their response was that their would be nothing they could do anyways. But, if he does in fact stop growing then wouldn't it be better to deliver him early? I'm just so confused.[/b]

Whoa!! 8-weeks?? I can't believe that they would make you wait that long! My doctors are not too concerned about this at all, but I have been seen every two weeks to mark fundal height. Usually if there is going to be slowing in his growth, it will occur later in the pregnancy. My doctors said that if they thought he would be getting more nutrition outside of me at that point, that they would then take him; however, I have three other children that all measured small for their gestational age, this one is the only one that has measured a week ahead the entire pregnancy. Apparently he is getting plenty of nutrients at this point.

I am seriously shocked at waiting 8-weeks!
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