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June 22nd, 2007, 03:13 PM
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No, I so appreciate you checking in on me. I actually delivered our daughter last night after 28 hours of labor. She was beautiful and perfect (in our eyes). We really had as beautiful an experiece as we could have. Though we are so sad that she could not survive, meeting her was the best thing to happen since learning about the diagnosis. We were pretty well prepared that she would pass soon, so we had to find some good. She now has all the room in the world to move and be free. We had so many family members and friends with us, it really was special. We did learn that it appears as though it may have been maternally derived, from all of my radiation exposure, so we will need help in the future to assure that we will not have to face this grief again.

Thank you again for checking in and good luck to you all!
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