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August 26th, 2005, 02:56 PM
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Thanks, I know I have plenty of time but I can't even get my DH to agree or me to narrow down. Like we did with our son, we got down to like 3 possibilites but when he was born we just knew, and I figure she will be the same I will have to see her first. But I would like to narrow it down a bit. My sister made me mad when I said Kamryn and said that it sounds like a boy. ARGH. I told my family I wasn't gonna discuss it with them any more since they just criticized my names.

Thanks Kitt I actually had Teagan, Reagan, Raeann and Keagan and he knocked all them out with no possibility. I think Kamryn is fine for a girl, but I keep going back to Kamden, I don't know why. Does it sound masculine to you?
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