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June 22nd, 2007, 03:58 PM
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Well I heard back from the homebirth widwife. She's willing to chat with me on July 11th. Her assistant asked me to call my insurance and find out the coverage. I was sure they'd cover at least 80% being out-of-network. Found out that my plan doesn't cover homebirths at all - zero. That would mean $8,000 out of my pocket if I still want a homebirth. I can still try and get pre-approval if the midwife sends clinical documentation but the insurance lady said that chances of getting approved were none if the birth did not take place at a hospital. Even if they were to approve it the charges submitted cannot be more than whats reasonable and customary - i.e. less than 2K. If I was really hell-bent on it, I'd shell out the money by borrowing from home equity. However, almost doesn't seem worth it to spend that much for a day and get further into debt. Looks like I may have to suck it up in a few areas. I still have an appointment also on July 11 with the birthing center midwife who didn't sound very nice. Funny, I found an article on New York Times reagrding my new OB (Dr Moritz) and the homebirth midwife Cara Muhlhahn.
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