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June 22nd, 2007, 04:21 PM
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I don't understand.. We are the most connected, educated, richest and supported. How is it women want these medical procedures that hurt them and their babies?

I'm glad to hear there are a few natural birth ladies out there with you LuvEmm[/b]

I thought of this after the conversation, but I should have told them the quote that you have Michelle about women being strong. Especially since so many of them say they just couldn't handle it. How would they know if they have never done it? Your bodies endorphins take care of so much of it. After birth hurts worse than birth in my opinion because there aren't any hormones to take care of the pain. Its sad to me that because of the misinformation and doctors pushing for unnecessary procedures we have a c-section rate of over 30% and so many moms will never experience birth the way I did. They will never feel how wonderful it is. My mom went through 10 births and all of them medicalized and loaded with interventions. No wonder they were awful and she hated labor and birth. If she had just had one naturally she could have had 10 births to look back and enjoy and realize what a powerful woman she is to be able to birth her babies. (sigh)

And yes my friend who was bullied into interventions studied with Bradley classes and yet still ended up with every intervention under the sun. She now sees the mistakes she made by rushing to the hospital too quickly and not having a very understanding doctor.
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