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June 22nd, 2007, 05:58 PM
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Just today on TLC's Bringing Home Baby they did a story about a mom who developed headaches from her epidural. It was interfering with her ability to bond with the baby. Who wants that? I loved how alert my daughter was after the birth and how good I felt! If there was a machine to let other women feel how good it was to give birth naturally maybe we could convert more.... Not that it doesn't hurt, but how involved with the birth I could be, and Dh was able to feel more involved by helping me through it.[/b]

I totally agree with this. My first I had an epidural and felt so detached from him, and like I was in a fog. My 2nd I had a natural childbirth... well I was induced at 41 w 2 d because I was pressured into it by the dr.
I just found out I'm pregnant again and planning totally natural... hopefully no induction!
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