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June 22nd, 2007, 08:30 PM
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Most of the time, I'm okay with eating what's in the house. I've made myself tuna sandwiches (and eaten AWAY from mom, then brushed my teeth afterwards!), snacked on chips, enjoyed more than my share of "Sonic Ice," had pizza after baby's born, beef stew, scrambled egg casserole.

My favorite birth, food-wise, was a birth where mom had made the egg casserole ahead of time and frozen it for the birthday or shortly after. It went in the oven about the time she needed to push. When her mom got there after baby was born, she fixed everyone a plate and we sat around and ate breakfast with the mom and new baby. It was nice. I still remember the sun creeping through the blinds in the room and the smell of breakfast cooking.

The worst birth, food-wise, was one where I literally did NOT feel comfortable eating from her kitchen, it was so dirty (and my standards are NOT NOT NOT high!). Mom worked, dad worked, kids were in school, and they never ate at home, so obviously there was no food in the house because they didn't eat there at all (okay, well, they ate there enough for the kitchen to be dirty). In a situation like that, I was really wishing for pizza and paper plates. Had there been pizza and paper plates, the dirty kitchen probably never would have even dawned on me, actually, becuase I don't usually pay much attention!! My apprentice and I hit IHOP hard and fast after that baby was born!!

I would ask if they have any suggestions, though. The fact that she asks to have food plans means that she probably has something in mind. Many of my clients go to the grocery store in early labor, and some send family members to the store if labor is progressing too quickly. That's actually much easier than trying to keep food in the house for up to six weeks!
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