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June 23rd, 2007, 08:27 AM
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My SIL got a positive result for possible downs as well before her 18th week. Her results came back 1:109, which is really high risk (that of a 40yr old woman) she is only 27. The older you are the more at risk you are for a downs baby.

How old are you? What was your risk rate?

Please keep in mind that those tests have an extreme high FALSE positive. She had the ultrasound and amnio test, which all came back normal and she is having a healthy baby girl in September.

So, you could very well have a false positive test. I refused the test just because of the high rate of false positives and knowing I would not do an amnio (I had major surgery at 17 weeks and I didn't want to put my baby at further risk). I am also only 28, so I have a very low risk in general for a downs baby. If you are over 35, there is a higher concern and less likely of it being a false positive.

Not sure where you can look online, just google AFP or downs. Good luck![/b]

Thank you for all the replies, I am a preggo newbie really, so I didn't know about refusing the screenings. All my friends either had kids awhile ago, or don't have kids, so I am not really around pregnnt ladies to talk to about this stuff, I guess I should hang out here more!
I am 29 years old, first baby!
I have read a lot about the false positives, but I also know that even if it is positive it does not mean I will have a downs syndrome baby, it just means there is a higher risk factor.

While I know the amnio does carry a risk I feel like I would want to know so that we could either be relieved or prepare for the care that would be needed. The amnio carries a less than 1% risk, and what I have heard they monitor the baby and placenta very carefully. Of course I am not looking forward to that big needle, but also we will just have to see how high our risk is.

I don't know our risk rate until we meet with the genetic counselor. Neither hubby or I have any risk factors or family history, so I am hoping it is just one of those things. I guess I couldn't get off with an easy pregnancy!

Thanks again, it really is nice to have someone to talk to. Especially while I wait until July 5 for my specialist appointment.

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