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June 24th, 2007, 08:44 AM
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Welcome Krista!!

There are lots of different ways to do CIO so do what you feel is best. How is she crying? Is she upset that she's not getting her way or is she screaming bloody murder? In the beginning if she is very very upset you could stay in the room a little longer but leave her in the crib. Just keep laying her down, rub her back, sing to her, stroke her face, etc and then leave the room when she is calmed down. But if it's just a mad cry because she's not getting her way, then I would just follow your normal nightly routine, give her lots of hugs and kisses, say I love you and goodnight. Then leave the room, and like you said, don't let her see you if you need to check on her.

Every baby is different but it shouldn't take more than a few days. She should be crying for less amounts of time each night, at least.

Hopefully there's some other mamas around to give you thier input too because we all do it a little differently.
Keep us posted on how she's doing!! Good luck!

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