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June 24th, 2007, 10:30 AM
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I was induced at 41 w 2 d because I was pressured into it by the dr.[/b]
I just told my ddc that unless there is a court order, I'm not doing it till 43 weeks.
I saw that! That was hilarious! What was even funnier is when someone thought that you meant that YOU would have to get a court order to get the HOSPITAL to do an induction. PRICELESS.

Honestly though, this is why I don't talk to too many people about my plans for natural birth because I find the entire current environment ridiculous. I don't even like to post much on my DDC because the sheer amount of misinformation and ignorance is too much for me (how many times do you need to stress to people that 40 weeks is an AVERAGE and that 40 weeks and 1 day is not "overdue?"). Honestly, even if people knew all of the risks and benefits on both sides people would still choose to be induced, opt for scheduled c-sections just because (I'm not talking about c-sections for emergencies), etc.

It would just be nice if people would educate themselves. Then, I can totally respect their choice either way.

But, alas, that would be way to easy.

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