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June 24th, 2007, 05:42 PM
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As a mommy that was forced to be induced or dropped at 42 weeks, I was induced for 3 days unmedicated and my doctor had me push to early, my cervix swelled and everything and Alyssa's heart rate dropped to the 60s with each contrax for about 5 mins and I was knocked out and an ER c/s was preformed. I was with a midwife at a birthing center and I guess by FL law they have to send you to the overseeing OBGYN when you hit 42 weeks. I dispise both of them now. I had some many problems. I am going for an unmedicated VBAC this time. I am really dissappointed with women these days. I have a friend that went into labor on Fri night and she was talking natural and everything and her doctor convinced her into a csection because the baby is 9.5 lbs and she had no way of birthing that baby. I tried to plead with her about it, but she made the desicion for C/s. Now her baby is in a NICU because she can't breath right because of the mucus that wasn't squeezed out during vaginal childbirth. Her doctor's c/s rate is about 90%. I just don't know what they are think with epis and elective c/s and all that mess.
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