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August 27th, 2005, 07:08 PM
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Makenna Mikell <-- I like the sound of it together, but the MMM initials might be a bit much?
Alexander Jace (Jace) <-- I love this combo.
Jaxon Riley <-- I love this one too, but I prefer the spelling Jackson.
Gabrienna (pro- Gab-REE-In-Ah) <-- I think this is cute; I've never heard of it before but I like it!
Layla <-- LOVE it!
Elle (family name) <-- Very pretty, I like this one alot too!
Emmalyn nn Emmy <-- I prefer just Emmy, but it's cute.

I think all of these names are great, so whichever you chose would be teriffic! Also, if I was to suggest more combos, I would say:
Alexander Riley
Layla Emmalyn
Gabrienna Elle or Elle Gabrienna
Still, I love them all Good luck deciding!

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