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June 26th, 2007, 08:01 AM
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OK so I have only been on my DDC board and just have been brave enough to venture futher into the world of cyberspace. My name is Shawna and well I am high risk for many reasons. This is my 11th pregnancy and this will be my 2nd baby. I (we) have suffered from 9 miscarriages, mostly early, but nonetheless losses. I have a condition called Antiphosolipid Antibody Syndrom, where my blood clots and causes miscarriages. My last pregnancy I was on Baby Asprin alone and this time we have added a low molecular weight heparon to the mix. So we have been doing needles everyday, and TRUST me it is getting old!

Some of the other reasons I am considered high risk are:

Pre-term labour with my DD, I was in stalled labour with her from 33-36 weeks until she was born.
Irritable Uterus

So I really have horrible pregnancies and this one is really getting to me this go around. It is so much harder to have a difficult pregnancy when you already have a baby/toddler to care for.

Ontop of which, we moved to a smaller town after DD was born and we don't have a NICU here and they can't deal with people until they are 32-34 weeks. So I may end up in Vancouver (about 4 hours away) and be separated from my dh and my dd.

Anyway, we have a dr's appointment this morning so hopefully we will know more. I was in the hospital last week as I was contracting every 2 minutes and they were gracious enough to have a peditrician come and tell us that our baby was going to die as they thought that my cervix had completly thinned out. We since discovered that it is 3.1 borderline, but better than completly thin!
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