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June 27th, 2007, 03:40 PM
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Popularity is huge for me. My name was #14 the year I was born and several similar ones were also in the top 100. I hated it so much.

Most of the names I'm considering aren't even in the top 1000! If I love a name though, and it's in the top 200, it automatically goes on the middle name list. If it's between 200 and 1000 it just depends on how much I love it.

If any of them jump in popularity and end up in the top 100, they'll be taken off the list.[/b]

I had the opposite experience. I knew NOBODY my age named Ann ever. I got made fun of for my name: "You have an old lady name!" So, I always kind of wished I could blend more into the crowd but now I like my name, so it's all good.
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