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June 28th, 2007, 11:53 PM
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I would interview a midwife and ask her take on this situation. Some midwives are okay with hospitals that are far away and some aren't. My argument is always that you'd be driving to the hospital anyway, if you planned on having your baby there. There are few instances where it would be necessary to transport IMMEDIATELY, and many of those instances (like cord prolapse) can happen whether you're laboring at home, or just being pregnant at home. There are a few (like a pp hemorrhage), however, where being that far away from the hospital would raise the risk to you (not so much for baby, because EMTs are able to administer meds that baby might need for resus. and to intubate, which are the next two steps after your midwife's resus. training).

I'd certainly interview and ask a midwife about these things, though. It's NEVER too early to set up a meeting with a potential midwife, either, so you can do it while you're thinking of TTC.
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