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June 29th, 2007, 05:53 AM
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I agree about discussing it with potential MW's. My personal opinion is go for transfer rates are pretty low, and emergency transfer rates even lower. I am more afraid to birth in a hospital then at home...thats just my "I hate hospitals" opinion though

Now, I've delivered twice before. Both times they had to break my water, and they ended up giving me pitocin (sp?) to regulate my contractions.[/b]
Oh and I wanted to say, as far as AROM and the pit to "regulate" your contrax...

I had my first four in hospitals. The docs always claimed I "needed" to be helped along, that I just labored to slowly..or translated... not fast enough for them...c;mon 1cm per 1 hour dammit!!!
My water "just wouldn't" break on its own, I needed AROM...when is the last time you saw a toddler walking around in the bag of waters??
With my third they gave me Pit to "regulate" my contrax too....this, to me, is just another way to make you "fit" into the doc/hospitals time frame for birth. It makes contrax harder and opens you up to more interventions.

Good luck deciding what works best for you!
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