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June 29th, 2007, 06:12 AM
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Welcome over here! I venture over here on occasion as well.

I'm sorry for all your losses and having such difficult pregnancies! Sounds like you are a strong person to have survived all this. And hopefully you can keep that baby baking as long as possible and avoid having to go so far away to the special hospital.

I can sort of relate to that. We live in the middle of the desert in no mans land. My OB is 30/40 minutes away and they can only keep me there if I am delivering 36 weeks or later, so if I go early they have to ambulance me to Loma Linda which is an hour from my house, making that almost 2 hrs from my OB/hospital. I was down at Loma Linda for my surgery, and that was rough on DH having to drive back and forth every day. But 4 hrs, ugh that is seriously not fun!
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