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June 29th, 2007, 08:02 AM
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Oh yes, especially for a girl.

Have you ever met a Linnea or a Dahlia? I'm sure you've met a Violet, but I'm still keeping it.[/b]
I do know a Linnae, but she's the only one I know! It's spelled exactly like that, and pronounced "lin-NAY," and she is my neighbor's daughter. My cousins middle name is Danae... and I think that's pretty, too!

Yeah popularity is DEFINITELY a factor for me... I guess my daughter kinda has popular names... I admit I have heard of boys named Emery, and well we ALL know Grace is popular right now, but it wasn't really when my sister was named Grace 18 years ago. Also, I've never heard of it being hyphenated with Emery! We aren't even going to talk about the MN (Maria)... that was an ultimatum of my hubby. It's my MIL's name... its darn good thing I LIKE her!

I love Delaney even though it's popular, but the DH was NOT having it... I would still consider it for a MN only, given its popularity.

For a boy, I LOVE Madden, and we were considering Canaan (from the Bible) as well. I think Diego is an awesome name, but then I realized that was Dora the Explorer's brother. DH has already decided that our first son's name will be David Beckham Santos... LOL! I said I might work with "Beckham," but we're not using BOTH names.

DH and I both have kind of unpopular names (Noelle & Isai, which is Spanish for Isaiah), and we have enjoyed this... we want the same for our kids!
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