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June 29th, 2007, 11:48 AM
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Most midwives are pretty good about helping you have your homebirth, financially. While midwives provide a valuable service and do deserve to be paid for the work they do (just like anyone else!), they also understand that the discrimination against homebirth clients by insurance companies puts clients in a bind many times.

Do you know what the fee would be for you? If so, I would suggest that you sit down and look at what you can reasonably afford to pay and when. Then take that to the midwife and let her look at it. Some midwives will be okay with you paying after the baby's born, some not (because many of us have been taken advantage of!). If your midwife isn't, I'd look into a personal loan that can be paid out over a couple of years. In the case of a loan, its possible that your midwife will discount your fee if you pay it upfront soon after you meet her, so you would need to borrow a little less in that case. Whatever you do, please don't eliminate homebirth from your choices based solely on finances WITHOUT HAVING TALKED TO THE MIDWIFE. Let it be the midwife's choice whether she is willing to work with you on the finanaces. As I said, many of us are.

I understand having to pay out of pocket for your homebirth. In many cases homebirth costs more (financially) than a hospital birth, but the hospital birth (especially in your case, it would seem!) costs an untold amount emotionally. Your emotional health as a woman and mother IS valuable!
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