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July 1st, 2007, 03:22 PM
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Audrey- sounds beautiful and glamorous.. Elise is my favorite mn
Hallie Grace- not my favorite
Sydney- I like both middle names with Sydney. Rose sounds really soft, and Catherine more formal
Keira Grace (or another MN...not sure)- Keira Sydney sounds good to me
Colton Everett or Cole Everett (if DH wins and gets Colton, I will call him Cole!)- I like both! I really like Cole, too = )
Griffin Samuel- Not my favorite
Connor Everett or Connor Reed- I like Connor Everett.
Barrett Reed or Barrett Samuel- dislike Barrett
Spencer Reed- Not my favorite
Grady Samuel or Grady Everett- I prefer others

My favorite girls names are Audrey and Sydney. For boys I like Cole/Colton and Connor.

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