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July 1st, 2007, 08:06 PM
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Audrey Elise, Audrey Layne, or Audrey Reese- Audrey Layne is my favorite out of these three...but I love Audrey in general so whatever MN you choose will work for me .
Hallie Grace- This is one of our girl names too! *Haylie Grace actually* so...I love it!!
Sydney Rose or Sydney Catherine- I dislike Sydney Catherine because the styles seem to clash to me...but Sydney Rose is VERY beautiful.
Keira Grace (or another MN...not sure)- Grace is a wonderful name...but Keira really isnt my style.

Favorite= Sydney Rose.


Colton Everett or Cole Everett (if DH wins and gets Colton, I will call him Cole!)- I like Colton Everett a lot BUT I LOVE Cole as a nickname for it Its a win win.
Griffin Samuel- I dont like Griffin at all.
Connor Everett or Connor Reed- Connor is one of my all time favorite boys names so..WOOHOO!! lol Out of these two, Connor Everett is my fav.
Barrett Reed or Barrett Samuel- I dont like Barrett either.
Spencer Reed- This is such a cute name. I've always liked Spencer and I think Reed flows great with it.
Grady Samuel or Grady Everett- Grady Everett doesnt flow to me but I LOVE Grady Samuel.

Favorite= Connor Everett
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