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July 2nd, 2007, 10:19 AM
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My favorite birth, food-wise, was a birth where mom had made the egg casserole ahead of time and frozen it for the birthday or shortly after. It went in the oven about the time she needed to push. When her mom got there after baby was born, she fixed everyone a plate and we sat around and ate breakfast with the mom and new baby. It was nice. I still remember the sun creeping through the blinds in the room and the smell of breakfast cooking.[/b]
o what a wonderful memory i bet! i have a memory but in the hospital with ricky, BFing him under his homemade knitted blankie as the sun creeped in and watching the was just peaceful and quite...

anyways, i NEVER even thought about that this food thing!! but im sure i would have had tons of tuna/lunchmeats/cereals etc...cause knowing i was going into labor soon (like in the next 2 weeks or so) i would have tons of frozen stuff and fruits and easy food fixins just for my sake! omgosh there's never NOT food i this house...
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