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July 2nd, 2007, 01:36 PM
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Maybe try googling home birth stories and read away. In my reading I did read quite a few that had emergencies, but I don't recall reading any that ended in death, a few emergent hospital transfers though. At any rate, all my reading didn't deter me from my unassisted homebirth. There are some books/sites you can read too that go over some typical hb emergencies. I read in your other post that you are wanting a vbac, I'm not sure if you are concerned at all with uterine rupture, but I know a lot of hospitals use that as a scare tactic. I think it would be MORE dangerous to have a vbac in a hospital because its hard to get them to not intervene (be it prostaglandin gel, pitocin, etc) that would alter the intensity of the contractions, even getting pain meds would be dangerous imo because a lot of times that interferes with your natural contraction pattern and can cause *reason* (so they claim) for augmentation...which can cause the uterine rupture. I know after having dd unassisted, I've come to realize that their "pattern of progression" of 1cm per hour is wacky. I checked myself at the beginning of my labor and was 5cm. An hour and a half later I was 6cm. The night before I was 4-5cm. I think my dilation would have landed me on pit if I were in the hospital...but my body just works differently than their plan. I've heard of many women not getting past 7 for a long time, and then suddenly dilating to 10 in minutes. I just learned a LOT from reading around.
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