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July 2nd, 2007, 02:40 PM
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some will find this odd, as I am one of the cohosts on the AP forum... but...

I spank on the bottom. I do not hit or tap or slap on the hand.

I do not think it disrespects them. I do not think it shows that I can't control my anger and find a different way to get them to listen. It is a disciplinary tool. It is not the one I use for every little misbehaviour.

We don't tend to spank until around 20 months to age 2. Redirection works pretty well. My oldest got spanks on the early end of that, and my younger two got spanks on the older end of that. My younger two are more complaint by nature, and are not boundary pushers.

We spank for defiance, verbal disrespect of mom or dad, and lying. We do corner standing for time outs, and we do "go to your room" for having tantrums or needing to cool off. My oldest is more defiant and disrespectful, and rarely just plain old disobeys. so she gets spanks more often than time outs. My middle one is 4, nd she gets more general time outs and fewer spanks, because she is not disrespectful or defiant very often. My little one doesnt do much wrong yet. I think DH has spanked her one time because she was defiant, he told her to come here or stop doing something and she said NO and did it again. But that's the only time I can think of.

So, there are my thoughts.

I do see how a child would learn to hit others if his hand were slapped, so we havent ever done that. I do not see my child spanking other children after being spanked on the butt for discipline. I do not see that teaching them to hit.

I am an anomaly among APers in that I have zero problem with spanking as a disciplinary tool.

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