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July 2nd, 2007, 04:22 PM
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If you spank, at what age did you start?

I know there are mixed views on spanking, and I am not against it, if its used the correct way.

My daughter is 15 mons, and sometimes I use a swat to the hand to get the point across when no isnt working, especially if it is something she is holding/doing with her hand.
HOWEVER, she doesnt seem to care.

Im probably teaching her to hit as well

whats your thoughts????[/b]
Joe and I both agree that we use Time outs first. We use a two strike system. If she offends on the same problem twice she receives time outs (2 minutes each), however the third is a spanking. We remove swat her bottom, and remove her completely from the situation. We don't spank her hard enough to make her cry, but hard enough to get the point across. My daughter is 20 months as of tomorrow.

Have you tried saying "STOP" instead of "NO"? When we want Belle to stop doing something we ask her not to, we tell her STOP and remove her from whatever it was we didn't want her doing. We use STOP, with each timeout, and then NO with her spanking.

I don't think you're teaching your child to hit, and even if so, she might have learned it later on from other children. So that's nothing to concern yourself with. What you should concern yourself with is the same punishment for the same crime and be persistant with it.

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