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August 29th, 2005, 07:25 PM
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Bailee: If you are going to use this name I would spell it Bailey because that is the legit way and then people will not have trouble spelling it. I do prefer Amalie, Emily, Emilia, Alice.

Alisabeth - If you wan't people to pronounce it Elizabeth it really should be spelt that way. To me it sounds like Alyssa with Beth on the end.

Jaide - This is nice, but I prefer it spelt Jade. Jada or Jane is also nice.

Cailyn - How about Cathleen, Catherine or Caitlin?

Summer - This is lovely as a first name

Alicia Jane - I love this one.

Ashlyn - Instead of Ashlyn you could perhaps have Ashely, Ashleen, Ashia, Ashira

Noelle is nice but it means Christmas so Narelle might be a pretty alternative

Brianna Cole - I like Briana it is nice. Cole to me screams 'boys name'. You could use Nicola, Colleen.

Brooke - I don't really like this because it is overused and has quite a harsh sound.

Kody - It is supposed to be spelled Cody. It is a males name.

Kilynn - Kylie is much nicer. Keely and Kelly are also nice alternatives.
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